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Brattonsound Atlas Gunsafe

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Brattonsound Atlas Gunsafe

Product Description

Please note: this item is only available for instore collection.

Atlas, Premium Level Designed for the customer seeking a significantly higher level of security than the minimum legal UK specification, the Atlas Gunsafe is the newest addition to the Brattonsound family and is our flagship model.

The Atlas Gunsafe far exceeds the requirements of BS7558 and is a secure, stylish & impressive complement to any treasured gun collection.

  • Double skinned vault type door
  • High security 3 way, multi point locking mechanism (side, top and bottom)
  • High security 8 lever double bitted safe deadlock
  • High quality solid steel chrome plated 'D' handle and backplate
  • Radial tumbler lock on internal compartment
    Standard Depth Safes
  • For scoped rifles and shotguns
  • AS14 Dimensions: 1520 x 550 x 395mm 95kg
  • AS28 Dimensions: 1520 x 1100 x 395mm 180kg

    Extra Deep Safes
  • For scoped rifles and shotguns
  • AR10 Dimensions: 1520 x 550 x 395 90kg
  • AR20 Dimensions: 1520 x 1100 x 395 180kg

The AS28 and AR20 models are two cabinets which are pre-drilled for bolting together during installation. Both doors are hinged on the right hand side. As standard all Atlas models come with internal lockingtop compartments. These can, at the point of ordering, be left out to accommodate longer guns, or can be substituted for a shelf. As standard the Atlas Gunsafe is locked with a double bitted key. As an option it can be fitted with a digital keypad. The high quality workmanship on the Atlas can be complemented with optional blue baize lining

More information

Ordered on request
£831.00 - £1568.00

Ordered on request
ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
BG0040Atlas AS14Up to 14 Shotguns with 203mm Internal Locking TopN/A£831.00Ordered on request
BG0041Atlas AS28Up to 28 Shotguns with 2 x 203mm Internal Locking TopN/A£1568.00Ordered on request
BG0042Atlas AR10Extra Deep Up to 10 Rifles with Scopes with 203mm Internal LockingN/A£831.00Ordered on request
BG0043Atlas AR20Extra Deep Up to 20 Rifles with Scopes with 2 x 203mm InternalN/A£1568.00Ordered on request